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Casting a spell: DECEMBER MOON


Thank you, Suzy Turner, for visiting us during your DECEMBER MOON Virtual Book Tour.  I see you have fallen in love with your characters--a sign of a great writer.  Let's hear about it:

My dream movie cast

Authors often daydream about the day their book gets picked up by a movie producer. Well, I do anyway! During the writing process, some authors might have an idea right from the very beginning as to whom they would cast in the movie, given half the chance.

When I wrote Raven, I didn't actually give it a seconds thought (honestly) until the question came up in an interview. It was only then that I began to google pictures of actors and actresses and produced my dream cast (you can see the full cast I came up with at

For December Moon, I already had some actors in mind as so many characters re-appear in the sequel. But there was one particular new character who jumped onto the page with no warning. I had no intention of her even existing, let alone having such an important role in the story but there she was right in front of me, practically begging for a leading role.

The second Ruby Madison appeared, I knew who I wanted to play her. Susan Sullivan. She is utterly perfect and I can't imagine anybody else taking that role on. (If you're unsure who Susan Sullivan is, she plays Richard Castle's mother in Castle.)

Given the chance, here are a few of my other cast members:

December Moon - Chloe Moretz
Lilly Tuluqag - Georgie Henley
Jo - Alexandra Daddario
Carmelo - Ben Barnes
Tabitha - Haydn Panettiere
Zoltan - Trevor Donovan
Moira - Emily Deschanel
Monty - Bill Nighy
Meredith - Melissa McCarthy
Duran - Alex Pettyfer
Christophe - Matt Prokop
Sammy Morton - Jensen Ackles

For more information about December Moon and The Raven Saga, visit or

Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer

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