Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sooooo Close!

THE TRAZ manuscript is now in the able hands of Cheryl Kaye Tardif to format for ebook publication.  As can be expected, there were a few last-minute snags.  One beta reader disappeared from cyberspace before remitting her feedback.  One famous author from whom I'd requested a blurb advised me to get rid of 1,959.02 exclamation points in the ms and to delete almost as many dialogue tags. ("he said", "she said", etc.) 

After deleting so many cuss words, exclamation marks, and dialogue tags my story is probably 10 pages shorter than when I started.

It will take about week to get the book formatted then, depending on my technical skill, patience, intelligence, and perseverance THE TRAZ will be uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords.  I'm making no promises about the time frame that will involve.

In the meantime, I will begin to actively promote THE TRAZ.  I'll put a sneak peek preview somewhere on line (watch for it).  I'll blog about my bikers for National Crime Writers Month (tomorrow) http://nationalcrimewritingmonth.blogspot.com and also on my website http://www.eileenschuh.com/did-you-know

I'll compose a media release to coincide with the publication date of THE TRAZ .  As the next school term approaches, I'll also be publicizing the Discussion and Teaching Guide included with THE TRAZ.

Once THE TRAZ is on the market, I'll be hinting around to my cyberspace pals to interview me and/or let me guest blog and I'll be asking readers and reviewers to post comments on Amazon, Smashwords, blog sites, Twitter, Facebook...everywhere.

The draggiest part of this experience so far was getting the editing done.  It took a long time to find an editor that operated on my plane of reality.  The editing process itself took much longer than I anticipated, mostly because I did it twice--something  that was unexpectedly required because the first editor recommended substantial changes.  This draggiest part of self-publishing was also the most expensive part.

The most difficult part of this experience was adapting my writing, my story, my characters to make THE TRAZ marketable.

The most confusing part of this experience was ascertaining the target readership for THE TRAZ.  (I want EVERYONE to read THE TRAZ, not just young teens!)

The most exciting part of this experience was seeing the front cover done.  The trailer (a short video ad) which is still under construction, has me very excited, too.

The most uplifting part of this experience was getting positive, wonderful blurbs and feedback from accomplished authors after I'd nervously sent them advanced reading copies.  (Thanks, Lou, Garry, and Cheryl!)

The very best part is yet to come though--selling my first book, followed by a wonderful review from that very first reader.

Then there's the possibility of bring THE TRAZ out in print--and holding my very own book in my own hot little hands....


Eileen Schuh, Canadian writer www.eileenschuh.com

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